Handyman FAQs

A handyman is someone that is highly skilled at performing multiple tasks and repair jobs in homes as well as commercial buildings. Many people have questions about handymen, so let’s get into some frequently asked questions.

What kind of work do handymen do?

Not every handyman does the same kind of work, so you’ll need to ask the individual about their skills to determine what services they offer. Some common services handymen provide include repairing leaks, caulking windows and doors, repairing drywall, replacing boards that are damaged on decks, cleaning gutters, and other maintenance work.

Do I need to give my handyman a tip?

While you may feel compelled to tip your handyman vancouver wa residents aren’t required to leave a tip with their handymen. Tips aren’t calculated in your bill, as most handymen charge by the hour. Some may accept tips while others may not – it depends on the individual. If you feel compelled to give a tip, feel free to do so.

What home improvements can I get that require permits?

Some projects require permits to complete, which you will need to get before a professional can start on the job. Common projects that require permits include repairing or installing fencing, roofing work, adding retaining walls or support beams to properties, adding electrical outlets in a home, installing a shed, adding new windows and doors, and more.

Can a handyman handle electrical work?

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Electrical work is dangerous, which is why most handymen that work with electrical systems are licensed to perform these jobs. Unless the job is simple, such as installing a fixture, a license is most likely required by the state. Handymen with a license with carry them around as proof, giving you peace of mind.

If you have further questions about handymen, contact your local handyman to get more information.