Are Bail Bondsman Open On Weekends?

Typically, the court system in most states works on a Monday through Friday, nine to five system.  This means that after five o’clock on Friday, most of the services offered are shut down till Monday.  This is also the case for holidays as well.  However, depending on the state and your specific circumstances, bailbonds Vista and other services are available on the weekends with some exceptions.

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The first thing you will want to do is look for a bail bonds company similar to Acme Bail Bonds and contact them as soon as you can.  If you are approaching five o’clock on Friday, the odds of being able to get out for the weekend are slim to none.  The reason for this is that you need to be processed through the system and then given a bond hearing.  Bond hearings are typically Monday through Friday nine o’clock to five.

Setting up for your bond hearing

What you can do is if you don’t get a bond hearing on Friday and are forced to spend the weekend in jail, you can contact a bondsman and start the process.  You can have someone in your family give them the details of your situation and have them begin doing the paperwork.  This can speed up the process of getting your loved ones out of jail as soon as a bond is issued.

Once the bond is issued by the court, you can have a bondsman in the courtroom gathering the information.  Then, this can be filled out on the paperwork, payment arrangements can be made and after about an hour of receiving your bond, be released from jail.

The court system is setup in a way that you can make arrangements to have specific services offered to you, however, since it is a government issued agency, they do work specific hours.